The Zorba Show

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GreekFest's world-famous Zorba Show is a treat for both young and old. It takes the audience back to a time when Greek men would head to their local tavernas to drown their sorrows away in drink and dance. The term "Zorba" was made famous by the 1960s film Zorba the Greek. Since then, the theme music from the movie is recognized worldwide and is a tune that conjures up images of Greece to all who hear it.

The Zorba Show has entertained Ottawa for many years, giving the crowds a show full of acrobatics, fire, and of course, plate breaking! Each year the GreekFest organizers find the very best Zorba dancers to perform for our visitors. We also round up talented female dancers of Greek heritage to dance alongside the famous Zorba dancers in this incredible show! A show full of high-energy, passion, and even humour, made complete with the distinctive sound of the bouzouki! It is an experience that can't be missed!