Greek Orthodox Church Tour

The day would not be complete without taking a tour of our Dormition of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church.

We offer daily tours in English and French. Our helpful guides are always keen to answer any of your questions. We have a special tour just for kids on our family days! Please check the festival schedule for times.

Why do we celebrate August 15th?

August 15th is a very special day for our Greek community. It is the nameday of our Church The Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

In August, we begin to prepare ourselves for one of the most important Feast Days on the Ecclesiastical Calendar, the Falling Asleep of the Virgin Mary.

Her falling asleep in the Lord occurred on the 15th of August and therefore we celebrate this date as the day of the Repose (Dormition) of the Holy Mother, or in Greek, (Kimissis tis Theotokou). The word “Theotokos” is a Greek word which literally translates as “God-bearer”, which is another descriptive name for the Holy Mother.

In preparation for this solemn feast, Orthodox Christians observe a period of spiritual discipline during the first fifteen days of August. Persons named Maria, Mary, Panayiota (Peggy-Penny) Panayiotis (Peter), Despina or any other variation of these names, celebrate on this date.