Live Greek Music

One of the biggest highlights at the festival is the LIVE MUSIC! This year we will have feature bands that will help bring the feeling of Greece into our hearts. What makes greek music so unique and festive is the sound of the bouzouki. There is no other instrument like it. When you combine it with the other instruments in the band, you can't help but tap your feet and sing along!


POSEIDON is one of the top Greek musical groups in North America. This critically acclaimed band, based in Ottawa, Canada, consists of five members: Chris Pezoulas (lead singer, clarinet, flute & saxophone), Nick Pantieras (keyboards, bass), Tony Pantieras (bouzouki, baglama, Tzoura), Nick Nikolakakos (guitar) and Taso Pavlou (drums).

They play both contemporary and traditional Greek music from a wide variety of popular Greek singers, and have also composed and recorded original music. They have performed at dances, festivals, televisions shows and concerts from coast to coast in Canada, and in many cities in the United States including West Palm Beach, Orlando, San Francisco, New York City, Portland, Denver and New Orleans.The band has recorded three albums; "Laikes Stigmes" (1992) and "OPA!" (1994, re-released 1998), and "TORA" (2001) have enjoyed tremendous success. Check out their web site at:

Yiannis Kapoulas

We welcome back to GreekFest, ";Yiannis Kapoulas". Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he moved to Europe in 1989 to launch his music career where he spent 14 years recording, producing and performing with many of the top artists in some of the most prestigious concert halls and venues. His music incorporates sounds and instruments from all over the world. Raised in the multicultural Greater Toronto Area and performing extensively in Europe, Yiannis was influenced early on by the beauty and richness of world cultures. Dates: coming soon!
Check out the web site at


Alex Bastoulis started playing keyboards at the age of 5 and started working professionally as a keyboardist/vocalist at the age of 15. He always had a passion for music and continues to pursue and enjoy it just as much today as ever.

Foula has always had a love and passion for singing. She is a natural talent who simply does it because she enjoys it.

Peter Korbis has been playing drums since he was a child and would find joy in playing with different bands of all kinds of genres. From rock bands to Greek bands, he has been a professional drummer for over 30 years and to this day, still loves what he does.

Achilles Pitsios is an impressively talented musician who is an incredibly versatile guitarist and has been performing professionally for over 30 years in multiple bands of almost every genre.

Angelo Rougalas is the youngest member of the band and always hungry and ambitious for more gigs. Angelo has been playing Bouzouki since his early teens, he was always supported by his parents and constantly encouraged to pursue music and the instrument he loves.